Chicago Cubs Betting And Team History

When it comes to Chicago Cubs betting, it’s best to follow the historical trend of the team. The Chicago Cubs are currently in the longest World Series drought of any MLB team. It’s been 103 years since the Cubs have won a World Series despite having won several NL Pennants. When considering Chicago Cubs betting, don’t forget the “The Curse of the Billy Goat”. In 1945 at the World Series (the last the Cubs have ever been to) Billy Sianis, owner of the Billy Goat Tavern, brought a goat to the game. After other fans complained about the goat’s odor, Billy and his Goat were asked to leave. Billy was said to reply “Them Cubs, they aren’t gonna win no more.” Of course, since then the Cubs have been out of luck despite many attempts to break the curse by bringing goats to Cubs games. Given the many stories and legends about the Cubs, their fans are among the most loyal with the team often being referred to as “The Lovable Losers”.

The Chicago Cubs are members of the Central Division of the MLB’s National League. Located in the northern part of Chicago, Illinois are a charter team that traces their origins back to the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players in the 1870s. While the NAPBBP was short lived, it spawned the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs making both teams the only charter teams of the MLB. The MLB also traces its origins to the association.


The Cubs have strong rivalries with the neighboring Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago White Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals. The rivalry between the Cardinals and the Cubs is longstanding with fans frequently traveling on I-55 that connects Chicago and St. Louis to watch match ups between the two teams. With the Cubs located in Northern Chicago, it’s natural for there to be a rivalry with the southern located Chicago White Sox. The terms “North Siders” and “South Siders” reference the respective fans of each team further entrenching the rivalry. The Cubs-Brewer rivalry is mostly due to the fact that the stadiums are about an hour and a half away from each other.

Due to the lack of wage caps on baseball, it’s consistent that the best team is the one with the most money. The Cubs, like many MLB teams, don’t have a sufficient amount of money to buy the best players. The game plan for the team in the future is to focus on the training camps to gather the best players while they are young. Even still the Cubs have sunk what could be argued to be too much money into their veteran players’ contracts. This has led to a poor pitching line-up and offense. In the Cubs case, a few of their starters are solid but after that their bullpen is ineffective. Though the Cubs are not the best MLB team, they can still make for good MLB betting.

Though the Cubs are the underdog, a sports bettor can make consistent profit betting on the Chicago Cubs. Online bookies are often make lines where a bettor can risk less of their own money to bet more on the less favored team to win. Keep in mind that often more than winning is needed when betting on the Run Line for the Cubs. Watch for how many runs are needed over the victory line for your bet to pay-out.